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Chris Bergstrom
Secretary (503) 674-5653

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Students are assigned by the first letter of their last name.
Find your counselor here:

Last Name
Names A-C
Ms. Luckhaupt
Names D-F
Ms. Luckhaupt
Names G-J
Mr. Schmidt
Names K-N
Mr. Schmidt
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Mr. Atherton
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Mr. Atherton
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We Can Help

The Sam Barlow High School Counselors are pleased to assist students in the following ways:

Personal/Social Development
• Offering support through personal challenges and tough times
• Providing individual and/or group counseling that is confidential
• Offering referrals for off-campus information and services
• Supporting your changes in attitude and behavior
• Helping with family problems
Career Development
• Making the most of your strengths
• Providing information about life after high school.
• Identifying career goals and learning how to achieve them
• Guiding you toward training and education after high school
Academic Development
• Picking the classes that work for you now and for your future
• Giving ideas to earn the grade you want
• Learning how to communicate with your teachers
• Helping you stay on track to for graduationContact the Counseling Department

Testing Help

CIM / Certificate of Initial Mastery
Contact: Lyn Palmer
(503) 674-5695

Please select here to visit the Career Center
to find information on the following:

• College Board
• Oregon College & University Contacts

New Student Registration
What is needed to register:

1. Make an appointment with counseling secretary.
Chris Bergstrom
Secretary (503) 674-5653

2. Provide a current utility bill for proof of residence.

3. Provide transcript of grades from previous school.

4. Complete the provided registration packet.

Barlow Counselors

Students are assigned by the first letter of their last name.
Find your counselor here:

Chrissy Rufolo
Photo Coming Soon!

Case Load: A-C
Phone (503) 674-5630
Email: Chrissy_Rufolo@gbsd.gresham.k12.or.us

Chrissy is one of our newest additions to the Barlow Counseling team. Before coming to Barlow she spent five years counseling in other Oregon high schools and two years working as a Residential Treament Counselor. Chrissy has a BA in Psychology from Whitman College and a MEd and License in School Counseling from Lewis and Clark College. She enjoys reading, writing, watching movies and traveling. Chrissy is excited to be joining the Barlow community.


Liz Gulick

Case Load: D-F
Department Chair
Phone (503) 674-5629
Email: Elizabeth_Gulick@gbsd.gresham.k12.or.us

Liz is in her third year as a counselor at Barlow High School. She also has additional responsibilities as the counselor for the AVID program. Before coming to Barlow she spent 10 years as a teacher and counselor for students in the Oregon Youth Authority system. Liz has a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Oregon University and a Master of Science in Counseling from Portland State University. She is happy to be a member of the Barlow staff and community.

Department Chairperson, Leadership team member, administrative liaison, department supervisor, District Office Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Team member, feeder school forecasting coordinator, girls’ group homes, counselor for all foreign exchange students, graduation supervision, facilitator for Department Improvement Plans and Staff Development assignments. Boys’ group homes, AVID counselor 10th and 11th grade, Job-a-like, Academic support.

Erin Boelow

Case Load: G-J
Phone (503) 674-5627
Email: Erin_Boelow@gbsd.gresham.k12.or.us

Erin is in her third year as a counselor at Sam Barlow High School. Her additional duties include being the liaison for students who are interested in attending the Center for Advanced Learning (CAL). Prior to working at Barlow, Erin was a kindergarten teacher and a stay at home mom! She has a Bachelors degree in Human Development from Warner Pacific, and a Masters degree in School Counseling from George Fox University. On a more personal note, she is married, with three sons, and she enjoys dirt bike riding, reading, baking and playing Wii bowling.

CAL, Sophomore class advisor.


Oscar Rethwill, MS  

Case Load: K-N
Phone (503) 674-5631
Email: Oscar_Rethwill@gbsd.gresham.k12.or.us

Oscar was new to Barlow High School in the fall of 2004. He grew up in Sutherlin, Oregon which is a very small town close to Roseburg. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Western Oregon University, and a Master of Science in Counseling from Oregon State University. Some of his duties include forecasting coordinator, Senate Bill 300 counselor and he is also the Peer Mediation advisor. He enjoys snowboarding, disc golf, BBQ’s, watching movies, and gardening.

Peer Mediation, In-building Forecasting coordinator, S B 300 counselor


Paul Quirke  

Case Load: O-Sl
Phone (503) 674-5626
Email: Paul_Quirke@gbsd.gresham.k12.or.us

Paul Quirke was born in Ontario, Canada to his parents whom immigrated to Canada from Dublin, Ireland. Upon graduation from high school he then accepted an athletic scholarship from Graceland University where he became an Academic All American. Mr. Quirke started his career at Barlow as a teacher and now has been a counselor since 2003.

NCAA contact, Outdoor School contact, Graduation supervisor.

Rachel Kaneff
Photo Coming Soon!

Cas Load SM-Z
Phone (503) 674-5628
Email: Rachel_Kaneff@gbsd.gresham.k12.or.us

Rachel is our new counselor this year covering for Shannon Foxley, who is currently on maternity leave. Rachel came all the way from Philadelphia, PA to pursue her Master's degree in School Counseling at Lewis & Clark College. Prior to grad school, she completed her undergraduate degree at Temple University in Philly, and immediately thereafter worked one demanding but rewarding year with youths in the Camden County, NJ juvenile justice system. She has really taken to the Pacific Northwest outdoors - hiking, rafting, swimming (where the water isn't freezing!) and tennis outside on Oregon's beautiful summer days. Rachel is an avid animal-lover and enthusiast, formerly a vet tech assistant and mother to one beautiful cat and one mischievous pup. She was recently engaged to her longtime sweetheart and the two have plans to be married next summer. Rachel is really looking forward to helping the students at Sam Barlow however she can over the next year, and welcomes anyone to stop by her office for a visit.
Case Load: SM-Z

John Grundtner,

Social Worker
Phone (503) 674-5648
Email: John_Grundtner@gbsd.gresham.k12.or.us

John is new to Barlow High School. He has a Bachelor of Science in Family Relations and a Master of Public Health from the University of Minnesota. He has a Master of Social Work from Portland State University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. John has been a personnel administrator and a mental health therapist. For the past five years, he worked as a middle school counselor. He looks forward to helping students and being part of the Barlow community

Chris Bergstrom  
Phone (503) 674-5653
Email: Christine_Bergstrom@gbsd.gresham.k12.or.us

Chris Bergstrom keeps the counseling office running smoothly at Sam Barlow High School where she has worked since 1995. She realized she enjoyed working in an environment that supported our youth when she was running the office for the Outpatient Clinic at the Parry Center for Children. She has two children who both graduated from Sam Barlow. She enjoys music, cooking, and traveling.

Registration lead, supervision of counseling aides, general secretarial duties for six counselors. Order Academic Records, MHCC GED Records, and Registration.